Client Stories

“Everything felt pretty hopeless. My son was refusing therapy, and my husband and I went to our first family session with Dr. A with skepticism and fear. It was our son’s junior year, and we were feeling desperate during this critical time before he set out for college.

In a very short time, with Dr. A.'s guidance and support, we all softened and were able to address what was ineffective by changing the patterns in our family. Understanding, kindness, and compassion became the norm in our home. All of our relationships improved; not only with my son, but also between my husband and I.  We all became stronger and healthier as my son approached adulthood.

My son is excited about college and, more importantly, I now trust and have confidence in him. Today my relationship with my son is beyond my wildest dreams. The immensity of my gratitude to Dr. A is immeasurable.”
 —New York Mom



“When faced with a family crisis or trauma, there is no one I would trust over Dr. Andalibian. She creates a warm, safe space allowing for conversation on the most difficult of topics, all while providing functional tools for you to take with you when you leave.

Her focus on the mind-body connection, not adding suffering to what is already painful, and the incorporation of mindfulness into your daily life has provided me with pillars of strength to lean on through tragedy, crisis, and even difficult daily relationship issues.”

“We came fractured, disconnected, and hopeless. Dr. Andalibian has given us a road map to excavating long-possessed though long-buried tools to begin healing.  Her keen, laser-like attention, combined with her joyful and warm disposition, have invited a new hope for renewal for our family.

She is a shining star of a clinician who has walked her own walk to become so.  I've recently read her exquisite, compelling and epic autobiographical novel, The Rose Hotel.  It is clear that she understands, from a very real & personal place, familial wounds and how to replace silence with love and health.”

“She's just mad chill.”
Aidan, 16

Since beginning family therapy with Dr. Andalibian, I have developed an understanding of the prominence “the dance” I engage in with those close to me.

This has been helpful in breaking out of unproductive, repetitive and very frustrating  conversations that never seem to end or go anywhere. I’ve also learned to listen more effectively to my family, which has brought me closer to my wife and strengthened our relationship.” —RS