Glass Houses

We are the sons and daughters of political parties, ideologies, cultural myths, opinions, and enduring traditions. We walk through life propagating old stories, oftentimes without a deep internal process of self-reflection or a willingness to be part of a larger dialogue.

Glass Houses is an interactive play that weaves together the true life stories, struggles, and triumphs of fourteen Middle Eastern and South Asian individuals as they attempt to reconcile their family histories and cultural traditions with a new way of life in America.

The play promotes questioning and awareness of ourselves, our community, and the world in which we interact. Love, loyalty, disability, mental illness, and acculturation themes fueled by inter-generational family legacies linked to addiction, trauma, violence, sexism, gay/lesbian issues, shame, and success are powerfully portrayed. Designed to inspire relational dialogue and conflict resolution, this cutting-edge, insightful and interactive hybrid of theater and therapy enables audiences to transcend the barriers of experience, identity, and culture that disconnect them from others, and effectively fosters growth, connection, and healing.

Glass Houses provides a creative and compassionate approach to global social change and social justice, building and strengthening communities by helping them overcome issues that threaten to divide them. This unique theater experience, followed by an interactive piece with the audience, exposes the universality of the human condition in order to combat ignorance, prejudice, and discrimination with the intention of increasing insight, healing, and, ultimately, connection and peace.