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Along with many amazing colleagues and experts in the field of trauma, I see trauma as the fundamental impairments in integration of the individual, the dyad, the family, or the community. On a large scale, trauma has a huge impact on all aspects of human civilization. Based on this view, we can see our world and the countries at war as having large-scale traumas that cause much of our human suffering. Yet, as obvious as it seems at times, trauma it is often overlooked in societal approaches to public policy, education, and resources offered for the promotion of mental health.

A significant part of my purpose and work encompasses helping educators, clinicians, and business leaders to apply the latest insights that neurobiological research, mindfulness, systemic understanding, and trauma fields are discovering.

During the years I owned and ran multiple businesses, managing more than forty employees and multiple partners, I began to merge my clinical and systemic practices in the workplace. My current consultation work consists of engaging with professionals, CEOs, business leaders, small business owners, school principals, teachers , therapists, clinicians, psychiatrists, neurologists, art music therapists, and others to enhance their skills and understanding as they achieve their organizational, educational, or therapy goals.

Insightful, knowledgeable, compassionate, and kind are words that describe Dr. Andalibian. Our clinical staff has greatly benefited from the workshops she has presented at our school. Dr. Andalibian's positive energy fills the room. In addition to being a highly skilled therapist, she is also a terrific teacher who makes her presentations exciting and fun.

—John Renner, Director at The Summit School


“Dr. Rahimeh Andalibian (“Dr. A”) is the best executive coach I have encountered. As an experienced clinical psychologist and business leader, Dr. A’s skills are unique in the field of leadership and personal success coaching. She has the ability to fully and with realism, engage you directly, identify those areas collaboratively that you want to improve, and offer insightful and pointed feedback to move you along in your personal improvement plan. The results are instantaneous and support growth and healthy interactions not only for you personally, but for your team members, peers, and family members as well. If you are looking for timely results and a professional, positive and supportive engagement, Dr. A is your solution for success!”

                        —Don V., Private Health Care Executive

“I extend my deepest appreciation to Dr. Rahimeh Andalibian. With her guidance I have brought my company to a new level of success. Her support and knowledge have been invaluable to me and my work with families.”

—Paula L. Rudy, Educational Consultant

“Dr. A has taught me more than I have learned in many classes over the years. She helped develop strategies to give to my teachers so that more learning would take place in our classrooms. My teachers are using the latest neuroscience techniques in addition to music, rhythm, body movement, dance, and humor throughout the school day to help our students regulate their emotions and be in the right frame of mind to learn. They are using empathy techniques and mirroring techniques to reassign different emotions to contexts that were once negative and difficult for our students. Observers of our classrooms note that all students are engaged in learning and seem to find learning fun. They see the student’s strengths being acknowledged and the teachers showing more care. I have to thank Dr. A for this extraordinary shift at New Leaf Academy.

—Carol Ranstad, Director of Academics, New Leaf Academy

The field of neuroscience and trauma is rapidly growing with new research that is continually suggesting new interventions, which provide students with the emotional regulation skills necessary for learning. There is currently a gap between neuroscience and its application in the classroom setting. Choosing which interventions should be brought to the classroom and applying them to improve learning can be an overwhelming project.

Businesses of all sizes are also looking for solutions to increase employee productivity while simultaneously creating a more positive and rewarding working environment. Hands-on workshops are designed to provide schools and businesses with effective solutions to achieve their goals by implementing the latest social, emotional, and developmental brain-science research for maximum results.

  • Do you stay up nights wondering how to improve your team, be more productive, or have your employees “feel” good about what they do?
  • Does your team feel as if they are “in it together”?
  • Do they feel fulfilled and appreciated?
  • Have you spent time trying to motivate your team rather than finding out what inspires them? What lights them up?

I am happy to help.

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